This cocktail bar is redefining fusion Asian cuisine through their dinner menu

Ms. Gee is bringing in a wider selection of their take on Asian cuisine to Poblacion


Nights at Poblacion are about to get even more exciting as Ms. Gee rolls out their newest additions to their menu, and a new way to spend Thursday nights at the Hong Kong-inspired cocktail bar.

On Sept. 12, Ms. Gee unveiled their newest dinner menu, which features dishes that bring a fusion of familiar and fun flavors to the table paired with their standout selection of alcoholic drinks.

Their dinner menu is best paired with their G & Tea menu, which is gin infused with different kinds of teas for 24 hours and then mixed with tonic. Some of their bestsellers include the Jasmine and the Honey Rose.

One of their bestsellers, the Jasmine, is gin infused with jasmine tea. The Honey Rose tea, meanwhile is rose tea infused with gin and honey.

Their appetizers come in the form of their own versions of dimsum: namely the shrimp with lobster foam, and the shrimp & crab. Though small, their dimsum is definitely filled to the brim with flavor.

The Shrimp with Lobster Foam, which is steamed and wrapped fresh shrimp, and served with coconut lobster foam, red seaweed, red caviar, and passion fruit purée

For people looking for vegan dinner options, the cocktail bar is serving zucchini mushroom spring rolls: which are made with tossed fresh mushrooms, mixed vegetables, and spices. They also offer crispy garlic squid, which are marinated and deep fried fresh squid, battered with potato starch.

The zucchini mushroom spring rolls are made with fresh mushrooms, tossed with mixed vegetables, rolled in finely sliced zucchini, and served with passion fruit purée
The crispy garlic squid is made with marinated fresh squid, battered with potato starch and deep fried.

For their main dishes, Ms. Gee is rolling out two new dishes: the smoked duck, which is seared, homemade duck breast drizzled with dark black soy sauce; and the cereal prawn, which are cereal battered prawns served with curry mayo sesame sauce.

One of their main dishes is the smoked duck, which is homemade duck breast that is seared and smoked.
The cereal prawn’s name is self-explanatory, they’re prawns that are battered with cereal and served with curry mayo sesame sauce.

Aside from rolling out a new dinner menu, Ms. Gee also kicked off their Risky Whiskey Thursdays. By 10 p.m. on Thursdays, diners can enjoy live acts, and a special buy one take one deal on all of Ms. Gee’s Whiskey Cocktails and Johnnie Walker Bottles.

As the clock hit 10 p.m., Ms. Gee launched their Risky Whiskey Thursday: a night designed to set the tone for your pre-weekend mood with live performances and DJs, as well as buy one take one deals on alcoholic drinks.


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