Oct 2, 2019

Since it was established in 2014, Ooma has brought the vibrant nightlife of Tokyo to Metro Manila through their interpretation of Japanese cuisine. They have made a name for themselves through their colorful sushi rolls, bowls of uni udon, and their tender Hanger Steak.

Today, they will be expanding their menu to include Japanese classics like curries, tako makis, aburi rolls, and more—all with their signature bold touch. We’ve wrapped up some of the dishes you can look forward to seeing at your nearest Ooma branch.

Ooma’s new menu will be including more tako makis and aburi rolls to their selection of sushi rolls. These come in the form of a one-bite version of a takoyaki called the ikura tako-maki, roasted eggplant aburi maki, crispy tako maki, and the tamago and cheese aburi roll.

Ikura tako maki, which is salmon topped with salmon roe, and served with fried shiso and red radish
Roasted eggplant aburi maki, which is roasted eggplant, asparagus tempura, fried enoki, fried leeks, shiso, and green miso sauce
Crispy tako maki, which is fried baby octopus, tamago, gari, katsuobushi, bulldog aioli, and soy dashi glaze
Tamago and cheese aburi roll, which is made with mozzarella and white cheddar, tamago, aligue mayo, fried enoki, ebiko, and yakiniku sauce

Aside from expanding their selection of sushi rolls, Ooma will also be adding two more donburis to the mix. The bara chirashi don, for one, is made for seafood enthusiasts. For people looking for meat, there’s also the cheese katsu curry don.

Bara chirashi don, which is soy dashi rice mixed with salmon, tuna, uni, umagi, torched baby octopus, and crispy egg
Cheese katsu curry don, which is pork sukiyaki topped with mozzarella and house curry, and served with fried carrots and eggplants

If you’re looking for a warm bowl of soup, Ooma is also introducing two new noodle dishes to their roster: namely the ebi tempura and roasted tomato cold soba, and the udon bolognese.

Ebi tempura and roasted tomato cold soba, made with buckwheat noodles in a matcha broth, picked watermelon, roasted tomatoes, and served with ebi tempura
Udon bolognese, which are udon noodles tossed in sofrito, katsuoboshi, tuna sauce, and Bolognese sauce

As for their main dishes, the Japanese restaurant will be rolling out surf-and-turf dishes like the gindara, which utilizes Atlantic black cod; and a sous vide garlic steak.

Gindara, which is Atlantic black cod with cashew furikake, pea puree, served with radish salad
Garlic steak, which is a steak cooked sous vide hanging tender, served with fried oyster mushrooms, cauliflower puree, crispy garlic, sauteed kalian, and teppanyaki sauce

For a truly satisfying way to end a meal, Ooma is also introducing a new dessert: the mochi and matcha cheesecake.

Mochi and matcha cheesecake, made with a sesame cashew crust, matcha filling, toasted rice and bits of mochi

Ooma’s newest dishes will be available in their BGC, Rockwell, Greenbelt, Megamall, and Molito branches.


Header and featured photos courtesy of The Moment Group

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