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Hit your daily protein target easily with this sweet potato and roast chicken soup

Hit your daily protein target easily with this sweet potato and roast chicken soup


Skinless chicken breast is one of the leanest meats out there, containing only 19 percent fat for 35 grams of protein— that’s already 70 percent of your daily recommended protein intake


3 teaspoons olive oil
100 grams sweet potato, peeled and diced
1 medium onion, finely diced
300 grams frozen garden peas
500 ml low sodium chicken broth
30 grams fresh mint
1 tub plain yogurt
220 grams boneless, skinless chicken breast
Pinch of thyme
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Season chicken with salt, pepper, and thyme then sear in a pan with a teaspoon of olive oil. Finish cooking in a moderate heat oven. Rest for 30 minutes then dice.

2. Heat the remaining oil in a saucepan and sweat the onion and sweet potato for five minutes. Add the peas and sweat for another five minutes or until the vegetables are cooked through. Take out four tablespoons of the vegetables for garnishing.

3. Add the chicken broth and half of the mint and bring to a boil. Simmer for seven minutes and transfer to a blender. Blend until smooth with 3/4 of the yogurt.

4. To serve, divide the soup to two bowls, then divide the chicken and remaining vegetables equally between the two bowls. Garnish with the remaining yogurt and mint.


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