Jan 16, 2020

One of the most popular names in the Philippine furniture and industrial design scene is Vito Selma. As one of the country’s youngest, internationally acclaimed designers, his work has been featured in various international publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Living Australia, and Architectural Digest. Based in Cebu, he continues to make furniture that emphasizes the Filipino spirit and values. One of his newest pieces, Hugo, captures the same essence. 

Hugo is a uniquely designed chair that takes inspiration from hands, having five straight lines on both sides of the chair meet at the top, resembling the hands’ fingers. Selma explains that the chair’s structure is reminiscent to that of a hug, an act in which people feel safe and comfortable. 

Selma’s previous creations display the same themes and visual aspects, with the use of light tones, wooden elements, and geometric forms. His furniture is best for modern and clean spaces, whether it be in homes, restaurants, or wider establishments. See more of Vito Selma’s reputable work at http://www.vitoselma.com


Header photo courtesy of Vito Selma

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