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Angkas to give all commissions to bikers in new initiative, Angkas Food

Angkas to give all commissions to bikers in new initiative, Angkas Food


In line with the enhanced community quarantine which still allows food delivery services, Angkas has implemented the new initiative, Angkas Food, to help their bikers maintain an income throughout the quarantine period.

Announced last night, Mar. 23, Angkas admits that being a food delivery service is not their expertise, however they are pushing with the service in order to support their bikers, as well as the citizens who are under strict home quarantine. To effectively do so, 100 percent of delivery fees will be given to the Angkas rider and the company will not earn from this.

Only select restaurants from their online list are available for Angkas Food deliveries. Simply call the restaurant, place your order through the call, and specify that the order is for Angkas Food delivery. There is no need to book through the application. Pay the restaurant for the order and leave your contact details. It is encouraged to use a cashless method so that the biker does not have to go back to the restaurant after gathering your payment.

The biker will text or call you once they have arrived at your residence. Pay for the order (if cash on delivery), the delivery fee, and parking fee if applicable. The delivery fee costs P60 for a 3 kilometer drive, with an additional P10 for 5km and up. All delivery fees will be given to the biker without any commission to Angkas.

Angkas also reminds customers to maintain social distance while receiving their deliveries. The bikers will place the packages on their motorcycle seats or doorstep and the customer will take it from there.

Included in the roster of restaurants are Crazy Bagnet, Mama V, The Smokeyard, Barik Supremo Lambanog, Gogi Korean BBQ, Pomodoro Pizza and more.

Angkas has been known to be one of the most convenient transportation services in Metro Manila. However, the company is still facing a temporary running period after claims by the government that it is unsafe. Yet, many have claimed that Angkas has brought them to work quickly and safely. The bikers have also been commended for their kind and helpful services to their riders.





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