10 no-bake dessert recipes for your quarantine sweet cravings

no bake desserts quarantine

I’m not sure if it’s just me but my sugar cravings have been at a peak in the past days. Whatever the case—and though it might not seem like it—I’m not complaining. First of all, it’s a privilege to even be thinking of this during a pandemic and second, this might just be the time to experiment and be creative when it comes to fixing up a sweet treat. 

Last week, we gave you a list of bakeries and dessert shops that are open for delivery but if you’re looking for other options, we’re helping you make your own pastries all without having to figure out the settings of an oven. 

Vegan coconut cups 

These vegan coconut cups might take some time to solidify but the ease of the recipe along with the superb combination of coconuts and chocolate makes up for the long wait.

No bake sylvanas 

If you’re longing for that layered sansrival crunch but can’t commit to the tedious task of  baking a cake, you can try this no-bake sylvanas recipe using graham crackers.

Condensed milk cheese cookies

These sweet and salty condensed milk cookies are a lot like Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s famous milk cookies. The recipe requires a flat frying pan and ingredients readily available in the pantry or nearby sari-sari stores. 

Marshmallow cereal bar 

To make these cereal bars, all you need to do is microwave some marshmallows with butter then add in chocolate chips and cereal puffs before letting it cool. Do still watch the tutorial though—it’s very satisfying. 

Yoghurt cheesecake  

If you’re getting tired of the usual cheesecake flavors out there, the sweet, tangy taste of greek yogurt can elevate the taste of this  dessert. 

Matcha cheesecake

This vegan version of a matcha cheesecake uses oats and seeds for its crumb and has yogurt instead of cream cheese in its batter.

Raw brownies

Most vegan brownies recipes use dates but this recipe is a lighter one which instead uses raw cocoa powder and unrefined coconut oil. 

Raw vegan carrot cake

I always thought making carrot cake was tricky but this tutorial on how to make a raw, vegan carrot cake makes it look like a breeze. 

Chocolate marshmallow cake

Another case in point for marshmallows’ versatility is this chocolate marshmallow pie which requires you to melt a couple of ingredients. Just like in the video, I suggest you also use colored marshmallows to make its filling look more festive. 

Cake bar ice cream cake

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of versions of this local recipe which uses store-bought bar cakes to make an ice cream cake and I just feel like it needs to be mentioned here because it reminds us of our ability to reinvent things during times like this. 



Photo by Denise Spijker on Unsplash

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