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Use this simple tiramisu recipe to impress all your friends

Use this simple tiramisu recipe to impress all your friends

  • Apo Baking Society’s Alexa Versoza shows us how to make one of her favorite pre-pastry chef recipes: a rich and decadent tiramisu

For the newbie home cook, making tiramisu can be intimidating. The ingredients are a little unfamiliar and assembly takes some time and effort. The truth is, though, it’s not all that hard. There’s no baking involved, you can take your time, and the most difficult part is the waiting. 

Alexa Versoza, one of the brilliant minds behind our favorite pies, pastries, and breads at Apo Baking Society, shows us how to whip up the picture-perfect tiramisu. Aside from being easy to make and a definite crowd-pleaser, it’s also one of her favorite recipes from before she became a pastry chef. 

According to Versoza, a portion of this tiramisu tastes “just like a hug from your lola.” As someone who has personally tried it, I’m inclined to agree. To add to the experience, you can do the same as she did and serve it in an heirloom floral casserole. You know, like the one in your lola’s house. 



Lady fingers

30 grams amaretto liqueur

150 grams white sugar

250 grams of heavy whipping cream

500 grams of mascarpone cheese

8 egg yolks

3 tbsp. ground coffee 

Cocoa powder (for dusting)


  1. Brew your coffee in 200 mL of water
  2. Combine your coffee with the amaretto liqueur and 50 grams of the white sugar, whisk until the sugar is dissolved and let cool completely 
  3. On a double boiler, mix the egg yolks with the remaining 100 grams of white sugar on medium heat for five to seven minutes. Whisk until all the sugar is fully dissolved and the mixture has slightly thickened. Store the egg mixture in the refrigerator until cooled completely. 
  4. In two separate bowls, whip the mascarpone and the heavy whipping cream until soft peaks form. Store the whipped cream in the refrigerator and let cool. 
  5. Combine the cooled egg mixture with the mascarpone and chill in the refrigerator. 
  6. Lightly dip the lady fingers in the cooled coffee mixture. Do not over soak. 
  7. Layer the bottom of your container with the dipped lady fingers. Fill the extra spaces with smaller pieces of lady fingers.
  8. Lightly fold the whipped cream into the mascarpone and egg mixture and pour on top of the lady fingers.
  9. Put the tiramisu into the refrigerator for 4 hours, or until completely set.
  10. Lightly dust the tiramisu with cocoa powder. 
  11. Serve chilled, and enjoy!

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