Jul 8, 2020

If you’re a pineapple on pizza enthusiast like me, you’ve probably had your fair share of side-eyes from friends who judge your taste on toppings (I would never forget all those college org meetings.) While the debate on whether this fruit belongs on pizzas or not will probably never end, a point I always used to bring up was that there are more unusual pizza toppings out there. For example: cucumber, chocolate and even durian.

Now, I have a new one to add to the list. Recently, Pizza Hut collaborated with Japanese ramen restaurant Menya Musashi to launch the world’s first ramen pizza in Taiwan, and it’s already making both pizza and ramen lovers’ jaws drop to the floor. 

In its review, SoraNews24 shared that the pizza “tasted just like a hearty bowl of piping hot tonkotsu ramen.”

“Surprisingly the noodles themselves didn’t have a uniform texture. Some were slender, crispy and crackly, while others were plump and soft like the broth-soaked noodles you’d slurp up from the bowl,” it added.

Curious about how it tastes like? This pizza is available in Taiwan from June 30 to July 27 only, but you can try making one on your own too. 

Aside from ramen noodles and cheese, this fusion dish has every topping that typical tonkotsu ramen would have, including pork slices, white sesame, fresh chili, spring onions, bamboo shoots and a half-boiled egg. Instead of tomato, ramen pizza also uses pork bone broth as its sauce. Put all of these on top of homemade pizza dough and you’ll have your own ramen pizza in no time.

If you want to take the ramen and pizza fusion further, you can use ramen noodles itself as a pizza crust too. Whether you like it crispy or soggy, this intriguing food combination is a must-try for adventurous and creative foodies out there. 


Original header photo from Menya Musashi

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