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No grocery shopping at Landers Ugong for now after Mayor Vico Sotto saw no social distancing

No grocery shopping at Landers Ugong for now after Mayor Vico Sotto saw no social distancing


Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has built quite a reputation this quarantine for effectively providing the necessary resources and healthcare for the city’s residents. After giving out food packages, cash aid, free transport services and other provisions, Sotto’s taking something back this time: Landers Ugong grocery’s permit to operate—but for good reason.

Sotto posted photos of customers inside the Landers Ugong grocery not practicing social distancing measures on his Twitter and Facebook. According to the mayor’s tweet, the membership superstore was inspected for three days before reaching this decision. As seen in the photos, around five people or more were humped together in between grocery aisles on the first day of inspection.

Today, July 22, Sotto announced on his Facebook and Twitter accounts that the establishment has been suspended from July 21 to July 27 for violating social distancing measures in accordance with Section 8 of Pasig City’s Executive Order No. 25-2020. 

Only the grocery section is bearing the brunt of Sotto’s stern regard for health protocols. The restaurants, barbershop, plant shop, pharmacy, and parking lot may choose to remain open for business.

He added that they usually do not publicly post and announce the names of suspended businesses in fear of bad publicity. However, since Landers is a big establishment, he believes that the public will hear about this issue anyway.

“Usually when we suspend businesses for this reason, we don’t announce the name. We don’t want them to have bad publicity; we just want their customers to be safe. But this is a big business, so you will probably hear [about] it anyway,” Sotto wrote.

According to Sotto’s social media post, Landers Ugong management will be making up for their lapses. “Management has expressed their intent to make the necessary adjustments as we encourage them to use the next few days to improve their health/safety protocols,” Sotto wrote.



Header photo courtesy of Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

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