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Pet parent or a plant parent? These pots will let you be both

Pet parent or a plant parent? These pots will let you be both

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There are two living things that never fail to keep us company, especially now that we’re mostly just at home: Our pets and our plants. Both provide therapeutic effects to humans and have been helping us cope with all the stress we experience from quarantine. Moreover, they make us still feel a physical connection during times when interacting with other humans in person isn’t possible. Both our pets and our plants have been sparking joy in our lives as well.

That’s why we are in love with this pet x plant crossover in crafty handwoven plant pots designed after our cherished furry friends. Giving us good vibes, these nifty handicrafts will surely stand out from your usual plain clay pots and instantly brighten up your garden with their unique look. Get it from these stores—which are small businesses too, by the way.


Ennoble’s Chibi line presents different kinds of animal-designed plant pots. Take your pick between dog breeds like beagles and pugs to cute owls and whales handwoven by local artisans.

Tits and Tocks

This handwoven Shih Tzu plant pot is made of natural abaca fiber. With a diameter of four and a half inches and a height of five inches, it can easily hold a variety of indoor plants.

Little Heartist Shop

Own this cute Yorkshire Terrier-designed pot, which is made of locally-sourced abaca and coconut fiber.


Header photo from Ennoble

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