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After months in quarantine, we’ve learned that cocktail-making is best left to the pros. Here’s where to get them delivered

After months in quarantine, we’ve learned that cocktail-making is best left to the pros. Here’s where to get them delivered

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Ever since we’ve been sequestered in our own living spaces, we’ve all tried our hands at making things. From the first wave of the baking craze to the latter DIY craft kits, quarantine has brought out the creator in most of us. Among all the things that we’ve made though, there are certain things that are just better at the hands of professionals—like cocktails.  

If you don’t have the equipment—or the patience—to shake it and not just stir, these online bars and pre-quarantine watering holes have everything all mixed up and ready to go. 


The Spirits Library

Aside from their extensively curated collection of fine liquors, The Spirits Library has also come out with a line of bottled cocktails. Each cocktail is crafted by their librarians from the choicest selections on their shelves. This year, they’re celebrating Negroni Week by creating mixes inspired by the drink’s history and the man who started it all—Count Camilo Negroni. 


Mix Mojo

Mix Mojo may be new in the bottled cocktail game, but their well planned selection is more than enough to make up for it. From limited edition themed drinks like the zombie to cocktail staples like the mojito, they have an extensive variety of mixes to suit any taste. An added bonus to ordering their sangria mix is that they come in reusable milk carton-shaped bottles that can store DIY drinks for round two. 


Annex House

Anyone who’s ever been to Annex House would be glad to know that their signature mango rum is available for delivery. The sweet and spicy drink comes in different kits that include just the cocktail or other add-ons like dried mangoes, a bottle of hot sauce, two upcycled glasses and a handwoven bag. Aside from their mango rum, they also have a pandan old fashioned, which is their take on the classic drink infused with Filipino flavors. 


Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run was recently awarded Best Bar in the Philippines (before everything went haywire). Since going out for a drink is ill-advised and next to impossible, the wonderful folks at Run Rabbit have made their award-winning cocktails available for delivery. They have a wide selection of favorite cocktails from the old days, as well as newer cocktails and local collaborations.

The team at Some Young have taken classic, tropical and floral flavors like peach, pineapple and chamomile to create their own signature bottled cocktails. Their menu consists of four mixes–the MOMO, a peachy take on a whiskey sour, the moon flower, a mix of floral and citrus flavors and the tropic thunder, a tropical blend of spiced rum and pineapple. Some Young also has a cold brew negroni–a bold and dark incarnation of the classic cocktail made with cold brew coffee–which is definitely not for the faint of heart. 


Header image courtesy of Run Rabbit Run, Some Young and The Spirits Library Facebook 

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