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Chef Gaggan Anand’s making fine dining accessible with new restaurant menu

Chef Gaggan Anand’s making fine dining accessible with new restaurant menu

  • We really wish we could fly to Bangkok to try Chef Gaggan Anand’s “fun and exciting a la carte and small tasting hybrid menu”
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New food ventures are always music to our ears, especially when they’re from our favorite chefs. We’ve always had huge respect for chef Gaggan Anand, one of the most remarkable culinary icons in Thailand. Aside from being a pioneer in  Indian cuisine in the country, he might also be a familiar face to you if you’ve seen the sixth episode in the second season of Netflix’s culinary documentary series, “Chef’s Table”.

Anand’s experience in the kitchen is exemplary, as seen in his former restaurant Gaggan’s repeated inclusion in the annual 50 Best Restaurants list both in Asia and worldwide. 

After being part of Thailand’s culinary landscape for almost 15 years, Anand says it’s time we entered “a new era” for food and dining. 

“Ten years back, there [weren’t] any tasting menus. Asian cuisine and local food had little to no significance. Then suddenly we are overwhelmed with what has happened recently with all these amazing new breed of restaurants,” he writes in an Instagram post. He mentions how chefs are doing their best to bring their own interpretations of fine dining to the table, something that he also did with his own restaurant venture.

“Since COVID, I realized one thing:  fine dining is for everyone. We all are foodies and it doesn’t involve gender, race, religion or economic background. All should get a chance to try my cuisine, not only one who can afford it.. it should be accessible to all !!! The debate continues: fine food or fine pretentious dining experience? [sic],” writes Anand. 

And what’s his choice, you ask? “Fine straightforward food,” of course.

With this, Anand  announced that he and his team will be recreating his restaurant’s tasting menus into a “fun and exciting a la carte and small tasting hybrid menu” for all-day dining. This new menu promised by chef Gaggan Anand will be available starting Jan. 12, but only at his restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. Its dishes are yet to be revealed, but we already know it will be good.

In 2019, Anand let go of his multi-awarded restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok after a fallout with business partners. Together with his previous employees, he then opened a brand new one named after himself. Still in the same city, Anand’s new restaurant is divided into three sections: the 14-seater chef’s table G’s Spot, the communal area Arena G with a 25-course tasting menu, and the self-explanatory My Private Table. Just like Anand, the restaurant’s vibe strikes a balance between being chill and screaming rock and roll.

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Due to Thailand’s lockdown response to the pandemic, Anand’s restaurant was temporarily closed in March 2020. It reopened in June with sanitation  and social distancing protocols in place. Although he has kept his business afloat despite the economic downturn, Anand admits in his Instagram post that this new menu “is my last resort to try saving my team.” © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.