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Put these home DIY projects on your summer to-do list

Put these home DIY projects on your summer to-do list

  • While summer break is no longer a luxury we can afford, it’s still nice to take on a new DIY project to greet the season
A photo of white macrame hanging planters with potted plant inside courtesy of Tatiana Cm on YouTube

If you ever feel that (at times manic) need to create, you’re not alone. DIY projects are a great way to channel your creativity and give you something to do instead of sifting through your Netflix queue. While most of us no longer have the summer breaks of our youth, it’s still nice to celebrate the first blush of summer with an easy home project to give yourself that sense of accomplishment. 

Here are a few projects to get your creative juices flowing. 

DIY air dry clay vase

Nordic style everything has been all the rage as of late. While there are some Instagram shops and small retailers that sell them online and in store, it’s arguably more fun if you make the vases yourself. For this project, you don’t need to bring out the potter’s wheel. A few bricks of air dry clay, old containers, paint and some elbow grease will do just fine. 

Paper lamp

Light fixtures are another thing you can actually make yourself. This DIY cathedral light isn’t only beautiful, it also requires just a few materials. You’re going to need some patience for this one, though. There’s a lot of measuring, tracing and cutting involved. The finished product is absolutely stunning though, and it’ll make a great addition to any space. 

Flower wall decor

If you have a ton of fake flowers laying around from office events gone by, how about building your own flower wall? A great thing about this project is that you don’t need a green thumb to make it bloom. Aside from giving you something to do, it’ll also serve as a cute background for when you take Instagram photos or need to turn your camera on for online meetings. 

Concrete pots

A lot of us have turned into plant parents over the course of lockdown. If you want to make a custom home for your flora babies, then this tutorial from our Homemade video series (which you should definitely check out) is for you. These pots are fun to make and even more fun to customize and paint—which is completely optional, of course. 

Macrame hanging planters

Hanging plant pots using macrame add a certain warmth to any space. While yes, you could easily buy one off of the many retailers that have them available, where’s the fun in that? This easy DIY tutorial breaks down the whole macrame making process, one knot at a time. And even if you’re not in the market for making a macrame hanging planter, it’s still very soothing to watch. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.