‘Crochet yarn?’: Where to buy handmade crocheted clothes and accessories on IG

  • If you didn’t pick up crocheting or knitting as a hobby over quarantine, fret not; there are creative yarnheads online selling their wares in all their crocheted glory

Since Harry Styles wore that now-iconic Jonathan W. Anderson color block patchwork cardigan to a rehearsal in February last year, multiple versions have popped up on the internet, all by savvy home knitters with time to burn.

Part of Anderson’s Spring 2020 menswear collection, the cardigan may have been a trigger to the rise of quarantine’s love affair with knitting and crocheting. May have been. These crafts, of course, have been keeping people busy for many years, even for centuries! Other than the sheer joy of making something from scratch, there’s also a therapeutic quality to making loops, fastening strings and unravelling rolls upon rolls of multi-colored yarns, making it an apt quarantine hobby to pursue.

For those who have neither the know-how nor the patience, there are  crafters who are also budding entrepreneurs and have put their wares for sale. From handmade hats and caps to small accessories like bags, from dainty tops to chunky outerwear, here’s where you can buy them on Instagram.

Ilyang Ilyang


A crocheted bucket hat with LED lights to welcome 2021, anyone? Ilyang Ilyang specializes in made-to-order bucket hats with medium brim and contrast straps for fastening. But for “hardcore handmade crochet” customers, there are other off-kilter choices like the Nacho Libre-inspired baclava, a bikini top with super long ties that go around the torso, and a hanging vest top.



That throwback mini shoulder bag that evokes the free spirited ’90s just got a Boho-chic upgrade. Sundry Local’s baguette bags come in a variety of colors: lilac, teal and tan, among others. Want a matching mask to go with your look? They have that, too—crocheted, of course.

Lolas of Manila


Knitwear and crocheted clothes are often associated with roomy silhouettes, but Lolas of Manila (get the stereotype?) subverts that with its form-fitting corsets. Adjustable through back ties, their corsets can fit many body types and can be paired with pants or skirt—or really, whatever you wish to wear it with.

Loopedin Manila


Making various patterns through crochet is totally possible. Take this floral stitch that results in a cute mix of different-colored flowers. Loopedin Manila utilizes this style in a variety of ways: through tops, bags and accessories.

Sunshines and Crafts


Wearable silhouettes can be made by stitching together crochet squares then adding straps, as with this strapless daisy top by Sunshines and Crafts. The online shop also has a bonnet and a pair of earrings with the same daisy accent to complete your Daisy Siete look.



This one’s for the Lambs (Mariah Carey fans) who like to pay homage to the singer’s iconic butterfly top. It may be without sequins but it still lives up to Carey’s bold fashion choices—and it’s available on Shopee!



Speaking of the impact of the Harry Styles JW Anderson cardigan: here’s one that’s not exactly a copy but rather a cool reinterpretation in pastel colors. Yours for P4,800, a very tiny fraction of the original P75,000 price tag on that designer patchwork knitwear.



Crocheted tote bags may look delicate but other than stretching, they’re pretty sturdy considering that a thousand knots hold them up. This patchwork version by Aelia.ph is a statement piece, too.

And if you’re willing to wait until the shop resumes taking commissions, you might be able to snatch a copy of that JW Anderson cardigan as well.



We keep suggesting pairing crocheted tops with other crocheted accessories, but this time it’s actually a coordinated top and bottom, courtesy of Gantsilyo Fairy. You can order it as a set of a strapless top and adjustable skirt or maybe high-waisted shorts—we know, shorts!



So far, we are seeing that crocheted tops are either sleeveless or long-sleeved, Purls masters the in-between: an airy short-sleeved top. And it’s not a flat silhouette either. Peek those puffed sleeves inspired by Victorian era fashion.

Maison Gantsilyo


We have until February to savor a slightly colder weather—not exactly Baguio City levels but close—and it’s an opportunity to finally take out those chunky knitwear we bought for our canceled travel plans: including but not limited to this playful scarf by Maison Gantsilyo. It’s the clouds laid in a sea of blue and green that did it for us. Definitely getting it with the matching hat.

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