For Filipinos, disowning your parents is unthinkable. But politics is changing that

Our reverence for elders has kept younger generations mum about issues they stand with. What does it mean that political scions are now speaking up against their parents?

unborn babies microplastics
Research: Unborn babies already exposed to pollutants in the womb

Past studies have shown that humans eat and drink microplastics unknowingly. Recent research shows that even babies in the womb are exposed to them too

children walking to school
How do we prevent victim-blaming? By raising our kids better

Why do we teach girls to behave themselves, but not teach boys to respect their boundaries?

The best and worst advice and practices we got from our elders during quarantine

The pandemic has  sparked a barrage of thoughts and opinions from our parents. Whether you…

How to talk to children about COVID-19, according to the CDC

With all the news and developments on COVID-19, the current pandemic will always make it…

This app helps you monitor your child’s internet use

Parents were alarmed last month when news reported that a “social media challenge” hidden in…

Parents will soon need to plant two trees for each of their newborns

Illegal logging and deforestation are major environmental problems that our country is facing today. A…

Tips for parents when their LGBTQ children come out

It’s 2017 and the attitude towards homosexuality, bisexuality, trans and other LGBTQ members is immensely…

nolisoli nolisoliph parent child legsnolisoli nolisoliph parent child legs
Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to kiss your child on the lips

International celebrities the past few months have drawn flak over posting photos of them and…