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Gifts we hated as kids but now desperately need (and can’t afford) as adults

Gifts we hated as kids but now desperately need (and can’t afford) as adults

  • Maybe our Secret Santas (or their moms) in grade school knew it before we did: Sometimes the best gifts are the most practical ones
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Remember the drama that is opening gifts together at school Christmas parties only to find out that you were “bamboozled” or even “grifted”? So while my monita or monito (or monitx, if you will) got the best gift—the kind I got scolded by my mom for overspending—I got what? Socks. A handkerchief. A wallet. An unassuming picture frame with a stock photo of a rose in it. A unisex perfume spray from the drugstore.

Not to be ungrateful or anything but, really? Was it a lack of imagination? Was the P300 cap too steep for your budget (you could have given me cash)? 

But as I grew older, I realized, much like any other former grade-schooler who came of age recently (read as “suddenly forced to be a member of the workforce”) these gifts are kind of the best gifts—for adults. Our Secret Santas are secret pioneers, who knew our needs before we knew them ourselves.

So in honor of these ingenious gift-givers (or what I suspect was their mothers), here are practical grown-up gifts inspired by grade school Christmas parties. The kind you can afford with a bonus, but not quite enough to splurge on even if they are basic needs.

Recess 9-pair socks set

Photo courtesy of Recess

I will be the first to admit that I sometimes break my “fast fashion fast” for cute and reasonably priced intimates, including socks. I just couldn’t justify having to spend so much on these basic clothing needs that no one will even see you wearing. 

But you know, when I am not the one spending on things for myself, I go premium, aka I will go for this P2,798 nine-pair set of below-the-calves socks from Recess. I don’t know what else to tell you except they will look good on my shoe rotation. Thank you and please DM me for my address.

Gabbie Sarenas hand-embroidered panyo

Photo courtesy of Gabbie Sarenas

Those paisley “scarves” that are actually handkerchiefs are peak high school—at least my highschool. For something more grown-up—the kind you can tuck safely in your breast pocket or tie chicly around your neck not unlike “Emily in Paris”—may I suggest this Gabbie Sarenas hand-embroidered panyo (P2,500 to P5,000)? Delicate in white with floral embroidery, very Ate V, won’t you agree?

Mess We Made Manila hand-sculpted mug

Photo courtesy of Mess We Made Manila
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If you are living on your own (renting or turned out to be a hedge fund baby who can afford to buy real estate in this economy), first of all, congratulations. Second, please buy cute kitchenware for you and your (future) guests. And if you are friends with people who have housewarming registries, please consider hand-painted, hand-sculpted, and small-batch pottery like this Mess We Made Manila mug (P500 to P950). Responsible adults don’t let guests drink out of souvenir mugs. jk

COMME des GARÇONS zip wallet

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ve bought a wallet in my recent life? So if you see me lugging around a big-ass bum bag—coins a-clinking—know that I am open to receiving decent-looking wallets like this one from COMME des GARÇONS (P10,598, now you know why I don’t buy wallets).

Framed photography prints from Tarzeer Pictures

Grade-schooler me couldn’t appreciate the minute joy of a framed (stock) photo but talk to me now or go visit my space and you will see framed and begging-to-be-framed stuff.

Tarzeer Pictures’ online store stocks prints by contemporary Filipino photographers like Regine David, Eric Bico, Rob Frogoso, Cenon at Mav, Jilson Tiu, Geric Cruz, and Renzo Navarro among others. Framing options are available at extra cost.

Officine Universelle Buly perfume

Yes, there is such a thing as scented memories and for the love of god, I would love to make new ones that don’t involve hypermasculine body sprays. 

Just FYI, French perfumer Officine Universelle Buly is opening this December at Greenbelt 3 and I would really like to try water-based perfumes. Call me and I will come with you on opening day to try them on and create new memories.

Three Squares Cafe + Bar Picnic Crates

The worst gifts to get during Christmas parties are edibles. It’s the last minute “my-mom-forgot-to-buy-me-a-gift” move that every kid hates. But as adults, we all know sustenance is essential so yes we welcome food baskets of all kinds. 

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While you are at it, you might want to give your foodie friends some good food that comes in packaging they can reuse, like these Three Squares Cafe + Bar sets bundled in collapsible Hay color crates (P955 to P2,295).

Choose from their selection of mini and full crates that have coffee, cocktails, sandwiches, and even pasta. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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