Apr 20, 2017

Siargao is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the Philippines. One of the Philippines’ easternmost islands, Siargao remains a quiet spot.

“I fell in love with the purity and honesty of the island’s way of life, the simplicity and kindness of the locals, and the individuality of the settlers from all over the world,” architect Monika Rivilla remarks. Rivilla recently moved to the island.

Monika Rivilla
Monika Rivilla/Photography by Hatsumi Ishibashi

“Here, everyone automatically talks about the best spot for the day’s surf and at what time! We have a nice little community here. Our lives revolve around the time of the waves, completely oblivious of an 8 to 5 schedule.”

Siargao indeed seems like the perfect escape from the bustling city. If ever you plan to stay on the island this summer, Rivilla gives us five places to visit:


Kitya’s Place

“Local style, cute chic place with really good food and drinks. Kitya takes different kinds of dishes and makes them her own! They’re all good, but you should try their adobong pusit. They also have lovely acoustic nights from time to time.”


Harana Surf Resort

Have a little pica-pica before dinner. Try the krispy kangkong and okra paired with spicy vinegar. #haranaeats

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“For me, Harana is one of the best places to hangout and eat really good Filipino food. Harana is located in front of one of the best surf breaks: Tuason Point. When you visit, try their sizzling sisig and crispy kangkong.”


“In Indonesian, warung means restaurant. They serve authentic Indonesian food and play Indonesian music as well. The ambience really takes you away and makes you feel like you’re in Bali. You must try their Karedok peanut sauce salad, beef rendang, and pandan sugar balls.”


Lotus Shores 

“Lotus is everything wellness and consciousness driven. They have yoga classes and serve vegan food from their peace kitchen. Go to Lotus if you want peace and quiet. At Lotus, you can try their vegan recipes like the Buddha burger with pulled jackfruit and kimchi burrito.”


Miguel’s Taqueria

Already by the looks you could tell that their burritos would be amazing. And they are. 👌🏻

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“A hole-in-the-wall that serves good tacos and below zero beer—really all you need on the island. It’s located near the market by the boulevard and is easily one of my favorite places. However, it can only accommodate three people on high bar stools. If you’re lucky to get a seat, get fish tacos and pair it with ice cold beer.”

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” —André Gide

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“The nightlife in Siargao is pretty active (I go out once in a while), but on the island, I usually prefer the peace and calm of being at home. All those places I mentioned are in General Luna, but there is a whole island to explore without establishments. It’s where you can really see Siargao’s virgin beauty!”

Header photo from Lotus Shore’s Facebook page

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