May 2, 2017

The facial mist hype started in the late ’80s, with mineral water sourced from a spa town on the shores of Lake Geneva called Évian-les-Bains. Yes, that’s where the iconic Evian facial spray came from. Today, a good number of people pick up a bottle of face mist and include it in their makeup routine.

Probably a habit picked up from makeup artists, facial mists are commonly used to set makeup. It is what keeps the skin still looking like skin instead of a layer of powder.

Still underrated as a beauty product, a lot of people don’t know that facial mists are more than just spraying water on your face or for setting makeup on the skin after application. In some countries like Korea, face mists are kind of a big deal—as big a deal as that eye cream on your bathroom counter claiming to defy time. The question is, how can a mist of water be so groundbreaking?

It all boils down to formulation. While most facial spray brands claim to hydrate the skin, there are also ones that tone and nourish the dermis throughout the day. Others can even cool the skin down. According to research, the production of sebum—the culprit behind acne—increases when skin temperature rises. So whenever the face feels hot, it’s more prone to oiliness and breakouts. The mist can help cool the skin and, in the long run, keep it smooth and glowing. It’s the best go-to hydrator at any time of the day, and well-hydrated skin can fight the signs of aging.

A facial mist can also give life to makeup. Instead of adding more layers or retouching later in the day, a spritz or two will give life to your look, reviving its dewy sheen.

Currently, face mists are no longer made of just mineral water. Some are formulated with tea tree oil, which tightens pores and kills bacteria, or rosewater, which calms inflammation.

So if you’re outside in the sweltering summer heat or inside a freezing office, a facial mist can come in handy at any time. For now, there may be no such thing as an hourly beauty regimen but using a mist could be a start. Besides, a little hydration never hurts.

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