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Have you tried this trendy (but actually vintage) egg recipe yet?

Have you tried this trendy (but actually vintage) egg recipe yet?

Pauline Miranda
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The sunny side up has been the most characteristic type of breakfast egg for as long as anyone could probably remember. And although technically, sunny side ups were called as such because they’re only cooked on one side (leaving the yolk bright and yellow), it may as well be called that because it looks like a sun in clouds.

But not anymore. A new egg is making the rounds on Instagram, and it’s just in time for the summer. You can now make your breakfast reflect the a bright day’s weather with cloud eggs—still featuring the bright yellow egg yolk, but this time, it’s set in fluffed egg whites.

Cloud eggs aren’t an entirely new creation though. NPR quotes Serious Eats culinary director Daniel Gritzer, saying that cloud eggs were originally made by the French around 400 years ago.

The modern version of cloud eggs involve separating the egg and yolk, beating the whites into a stiff foam, and then baking it in the oven for a few minutes, before adding in the yolk. (Best to add salt and pepper, and some spices for more taste.)

As it is today, the 17th century cloud eggs were meant to impress. But even if this may just be another “Instagram dish”, we won’t say no to adding more recipes to our kitchen arsenal. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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