Heard of ‘pasador?’ Here’s why you should give cloth pads a try

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Most of us grew up thinking that we have no other options than disposable feminine products for that time of the month. But before the sanitary napkins, and tampons, there were pasador or cloth pads.

It was tiresome, as my mom once told me, that she had to change cloths with safety pins on every sides five times a day during her pubescent days. She had side-flows and had to wash the blood-soaked cotton after every use.

But now, there’s new and user-friendly version of it. Here are some reasons you should give modernized pasador a try:


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They are comfortable.

Reusable cloth sanitary pads are made from natural, absorbent fabrics like cotton and bamboo thus cutting your sensitive part some slack from synthetic materials, adhesive and fragrance chemicals. They reduce infections, skin rashes and allergies. We can make this monthly agony a little less irritating by minding our choices for our bodies.

They are eco-friendly.

In an analysis by Ecowaste Coalition in July last year at Freedom Island in Parañaque, sanitary pads, panty liners, and disposable diapers comprised 7% of plastic waste collected in a one-day clean up drive. (Of the 1,492 kilos of garbage, 79% is plastic trash.) And we know how long plastic disintegrates. Add their manufacturing and shipping impact over the years. These wastes also find their way into seas and rivers, damaging marine ecosystem.

By using reusable pads, we’re helping our environment cope even in such a small way. We don’t want to cause more trouble in the planet we and the future generation live in.

They are economical.

Once you buy enough cloth pads for a month, it’s cost-effective in the long run—actually an investment. Disposables can be quite costly when you take note of it. And since most pads are now designed to last for years, you won’t have to worry about running out of them anymore.

They also have lock-in buttons, sans adhesive that ruins underwear.

Using reusable cloth sanitary pads can be a burden, I know, especially if you work full-time. But if you think of their long-term effects and less guilt they may bring, modernized pasadors are worth a bit of trouble and hand washing.


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