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Time to dispel these beauty myths this 2017

Time to dispel these beauty myths this 2017

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I’m sure you’ve encountered hundreds of beauty tips and advices in your day. We’ve read articles (and even watched videos) on how to properly apply lipstick. We’ve seen the 10 commandments of contouring one too many times, not to mention the ridiculous beauty ‘challenges’ a lot of women were so fond of in the past year.

It’s so easy to fall into these beauty ideologies but while most of them are helpful, some don’t hold any truth to them at all. Here we debunk four of the most common misconceptions women have about beauty.


Myth #1: Drinking lots of water will keep your skin hydrated.

Let’s get this out of the way first, shall we? While drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is beneficial for our skin, it’s not actually the key to keeping it moist and ‘hydrated’. Oil is what moisturizes our skin, not water. Hydration still plays a big role when it comes to our skin’s overall appearance, but consistent moisturizing will retain and maintain its suppleness.

Myth #2: “My foundation has SPF in it. I think that’ll do.”

I think we’ve seen enough beauty campaigns tackling about the importance of sun protection all over social media. Sunscreen is as important as anything else you put on your face. Sure, your foundation may contain an SPF of 17, but while that helps too, the minimum SPF required for sunscreen to be effective is 30. Premature wrinkles, melanoma, and skin cancer are some of the most harmful effects of too much sun exposure, and without the right product to protect your skin, you might be putting yourself in harm’s way.



Myth #3: “You need to start using anti-aging creams when you turn 25.”

One of the reasons why I love the ’70s is because women embraced natural beauty in its purest state. Aging was a concept they celebrated, and they see no reason to combat it or slow it down. Personally, I don’t believe in anti-aging products. But I do believe in exercising regularly, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and avoiding bad habits such as drinking and smoking. There might be a handful of anti-aging products in the market that do work, but I’ll just let nature run its course.

Myth #4: Specific skin tones should stick to a certain shade of makeup

With the exception of foundation, concealer, and face powder, this rule is pretty easy to throw out the window. If a blood orange lipstick makes you feel powerful and confident, swipe away. If you feel like rocking electric blue mascara, go ahead. It’s 2017. Makeup should make us feel empowered, no matter what our color is.

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