Jun 9, 2017

For some reason, I’m not surprised.

Despite the number of backpackers and tourists going in and out of the country every day, majority of them still think that Manila is the worst city they’ve been to.

Travel guide South East Asia Magazine recently conducted an informal survey on their Facebook page asking its readers what they thought was the worst city they’ve traveled to in Southeast Asia, and Manila bagged the top spot with 17 votes. Surprisingly, Cebu also made the list, ranking 10th with six votes.

“Polluted,” “has a deficient infrastructure,” “overcrowded,” and “unsafe” were some of the reasons why travelers dislike the city. I couldn’t argue with them because, well, it’s true. Some even told stories like getting robbed in a taxi and being grabbed by people as they were walking down the street.


The pollution rate is getting higher and higher

At this point “polluted” may be an understatement but let’s face it: Manila is drowning in pollution. Air, water, land, noise, it’s ridiculous to imagine that a 613.9 km² land can overflow with it. The simplest act, like throwing your waste in the right bin, can already help control the situation. Seriously, it’s not rocket science.

Deficient infrastructures

Highways, roads, waste-water management, mass transits, seems like these go on forever, ‘no? This dilemma definitely goes beyond our means and I just hope we get to see the positive results of these projects. Soon.


We still don’t feel safe

The crime rate may have dwindled in 2016, but that doesn’t mean we’re safe to walk on our own in the wee hours of the night. The murder rate is still at an all-time high especially with all the attacks going on in the country, and now is the time to be more vigilant than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Manila. For most of my life I’ve seen and lived through the dingy parts of it, but somewhere along the line I’ve also grown to appreciate its charm—the people included. Nothing beats the strength of Filipino spirit, and as long as we keep that up, we’ll be off that list in no time.


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