Where to eat in Cebu, as told by a local

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3 Cebu barbecue joints that offer barbecue with a side of culture

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Bell + Amadeus is proof that Cebu is ready for more avant garde eats

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queue at a gas station in cebu after typhoon odette
Ship your Typhoon Odette donations to Cebu and Surigao for free through these initiatives

To help facilitate the sending of relief goods to those affected by Typhoon Odette, Gothong Southern Shipping Lines is offering to ship free of charge from Manila to Cebu, pier to pier

If you haven’t tried these Cebuano dishes, you’re missing out

Lechon is always the first dish people associate with Cebu. While that’s valid, there are so many other dishes that deserve attention

That 40k COVID-19 cases prediction we just ‘beat’? It might go up to 60k come July 30, says UP

We may have beaten the prediction of researchers from the University of the Philippines (UP),…

Cebu City will soon ban single-use plastic and styrofoam at public events
Cebu City will soon ban single-use plastic and styrofoam at public events

Cebu City is leading what should be the country’s prominent no-plastic movement as its council…

nolisoli boracay
Support local tourist destinations through these travel promos

Due to travel restrictions imposed as a response to the COVID-19 breakout, businesses in popular…

Kitty Taniguchi, My Sister is a Bird, Oil on Canvas, 182 x 182 cm, 2008
Art Fair 2020’s most exciting newcomers aren’t foreign galleries but Visayas-based art collectives

In the 1970s, American artist Donald Judd, who’s mostly identified with the minimalist art movement,…

Corona virus confirmed in PH, here's what to do next
Coronavirus confirmed in PH, here’s what to do next

The first case of the nCov or the novel coronavirus has now been confirmed in…