Jun 14, 2017

If there’s one trend that anybody can pull off all year round, it’s floral anything. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s the one print that looks great whatever season it is. Winter, spring, summer, or autumn, the classic print is impossible to miss both on the streets and the runway.

But just when I thought this trend couldn’t get any classier, local fashion brand Mari Mari swooped in and made my inner flower child jaw drop with their new collection:

Photo courtesy of Mari Mari

Hardin & Habi is the brand’s maiden collection, consisting of basic pieces reimagined in playful prints inspired by Philippine botanicals and weaves. Finally, a fashion brand that recognizes the beauty of our country’s thriving flora.

Milflores & Banig

The Hydrangea Macrophilia is locally known as milflores. The flower is used to express gratitude, friendship, and adoration. The banig, on the other hand, is a popular handwoven mat that is typically used in Filipino homes.

mari mari-1
Milflores & Banig shift dress

Style tip: Let the dress speak for itself. Pair it with nude mules, heels, or these abaca slides for a chic lola ensemble (trust me, it’s a compliment). Finish the look with dainty accessories in gold or silver.

Monstera & Yakan

Summer may be over, but it’s still very much alive in the fashion world. The combination of monstera leaves with yakan weave in green and yellow hues create a tropical print that is relaxing to the eyes. You better pack this on your next beach trip, because it’s definitely beach-worthy.

mari mari-2
Monstera & Yakan skirt

Style tip: Wear it with a white, flowy halter top to channel an effortless tropical vibe and finish off with espadrilles and a pair of tassel earrings.

Waling-Waling & Gaddang

Waling-Waling (orchid) is a highly prized flower because of its beauty and rarity. It’s also not a common print in apparel but it sure does make a bold statement. Soft petal shapes are combined with illustrated leaves referenced from the mountain and river-inspired patterns weaved by the Gaddang tribe of Cagayan Valley.

mari mari-3
Waling-Waling & Gaddang sleeveless top

Style tip: The prints are a true statement in itself so it’s best to pair it with casual bottoms. High waist denim, a wrap skirt, or wide-leg trousers will do.

The two other pattern combinations are Rosas & Laminosa and Sampaguita & Jute. Each design is meticulously created by pattern designer Alessandra Lanot, beginning with gouache and watercolor on paper, and then translated into repeat patterns on fabric. Lanot aims to connect the wearer to nature and be proud of her own culture, which I think the brand has already achieved. With the launch of Hardin & Habi, it’s evident that Mari Mari is a force (of nature) to be reckoned with.

You can view the entire lookbook and shop the collection online starting today, June 14.


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