Jun 27, 2017

Yesterday, a Japanese student selling omurice around the metro has gone viral. Kuya Omu-rice, as he’s christened himself, was last seen selling his omurice in an ice box at Aurora Boulevard in Cubao. Now, despite the deluge of followers and fans, it isn’t like most of us would ever get the chance to try his products. So, for the unfortunate souls who have a newfound craving for the Japanese rice omelette, here are a few restaurants you can get them at if you don’t have the time to chase down Kuya Omurice.

1. Coco Ichibanya

In a pool of curry, their omurice is a fluffy egg cloud that opens up to steaming hot Japanese rice.

2. Tokyo Bubble Tea

More than just bubble tea, there’s a multitude of food including pasta, sushi and of course, omurice!

3. UCC Clockwork

An all-time favorite at UCC’s third wave coffee hub, the Crabby Fatty Omurice has had a pretty good reputation in the books of foodies everywhere.

4. Le Petite Souffle

Not necessarily the traditional omurice, but Le Petite Souffle’s delectable variety of souffles are filled with curry rice, among the few stuffings.

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