Jul 19, 2017

New Yorkers have recently taken to sharing videos and photos of their commute on social media, portraying what they have dubbed the ‘summer of hell’ or ‘subway hell.’

The term was originally coined to describe the expected delays at Penn Station— which serves regional rail services Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, and the Long Island Rail Road — as it undergoes major track work this summer,” Buzzfeed News reports

When the delays kept coming and the subway’s conditions kept deteriorating, the term stuck and became a hashtag where commuters commiserated with each other. The photos and tweets, which have gone viral online, were taken during the peak of this commuting crisis a couple of days ago.

The photos and videos show of endless lines, overcrowded stations, and sardined train cars. There was also an instance where a train caught fire and the smoke traveled through the tunnels, reaching the noses of passengers in wait.

We can only imagine how these people are coping with such an inconvenience in their everyday lives. Oh, wait.

I wonder what would happen if they played ‘the floor is lava.’
Now spot the difference.

Where have I seen this scene before? Who would stand to endure such a situation?

Look at those lines.
Surely, there couldn’t be anything worse.

Oh that’s right. Mahal kong Maynila. 

Can you imagine “getting people to their destination one person at a time?”

To have to shove and squeeze yourself into cramped, overheated quarters just to get to work should be unacceptable regardless of the city or the country you live in. Public transportation is supposed to aid everyday commuters, not make them suffer.

Only goes to show that bad traffic situations aren’t exclusive to third world countries. The only difference is the manner and the speed of a government’s response.

Photos courtesy of twitter.com and inquirer.net


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