Jun 15, 2017

With the MRT going through another “thorough inspection” following its technical problems last Tuesday, expect longer queues at each station. For the next four days, the safety inspection will entail lesser trains (from 20 to 15) and will slow down to a speed of 20kph from the usual 40.

So rather than waiting hours in line exposed to the humid heat and the sometimes, the rain, you can try other forms of commuting for the mean time.

1. P2P buses
With drop off and pick up points at various malls around the metro, these buses go straight to your destination without stopping for every potential passenger along EDSA. They’re clean, new and affordable. Best of all, you can use your stored Beep card credits to ride.


2. Pasig River Ferry
Contrary to popular belief, these ferry boats are clean despite the lack of air-con. You can cruise through the Pasig River without being wary of traffic. And as a bonus, you get a different view of the city, one without the unsightly deluge of vehicles.

Our legit ferry boat ride from Sta. Ana, Manila to Escolta, Manila 😁 #TugLife #PasigRiverFerry #PasigRiver #MMDA #TheRiverOfLife #Manila

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3. Uberpool
It’s not as cheap as the MRT sure but it does get you where you need to be without having to pay the full price of a regular Uber trip, especially during peak hours.


4. Habal-habal
Okay, hear me out. Apart from BGC, these motorcycle services are welcomed in every city. Although the price point varies depending on the driver’s whims, you can always consider taking a habal-habal from a drop-off point where the commute becomes tiresome.

always forcing my cousins to take me for a go 🏍💨#beepbeep #habalhabal #nobodywearshelmets

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5. Bike
Maybe it’s time we started riding our bikes more. Not that you need to brave the crazy traffic of EDSA without any virtual armor, but you can go through the city’s back roads to avoid traffic. mother plus, you see the more human side of the city on a bike.

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