Sep 8, 2017

This September eight to nine, Alabang Town Center is running a campaign that guides the typical mall goer how to spend their time and money in the mall for the benefit of their health.

This campaign, wittingly dubbed Mall into Shape comes in three parts. There’s Healthier You: A Nutrition and Wellness Expo at the Activity Center happening today, Sept. 8. This expo features healthy food booths and seminars to help you achieve your next fitness goal. Then, there’s Walk in the Mall, an innovative but easy means of cardio done through touring ATC. It’s not even jogging, it’s just making the most out of your window shopping through the mall.  

The third and most delicious part of the campaign is all about food. Together with the help of a nutritionist and the restaurants residing in their malls, ATC came up with the Fit Bites menu. This menu highlights that finding good and healthy food in the mall doesn’t have to be hard. From breakfast to dinner, they’ve identified all the healthy dishes you can find inside the mall so you don’t have to compromise your diet just for the sake of fun.

Now, during the launch of Mall into Shape, the host Sabrina Artadi emphasized that the health-conscious person’s philosophy should be “nutrition, not dieting.” To prove how friendly this menu is to everyone, however, here are a few meal plans you could make from the Fit Bites Menu depending on your ongoing diet.

Mediterranean diet

As it’s named, this diet was inspired by the typical food eaten by those in the Mediterranean. Here you’ll mostly be eating plant foods, fresh fruits as dessert, beans, nuts, whole grains, seeds. Olive oil serves as the main source of dietary fats. Cheese and yogurts are the main dairy foods. There’s also moderate amounts of fish and poultry consumed, and up to about four eggs per week. Red meat is kept to a minimum, and low to moderate amounts of wine.

BREAKFAST: Tony Roma’s sonoma salad, a medley of mixed greens, fresh fruits, and grilled chicken in red wine vinaigrette
LUNCH: La Maripili’s roasted pomodoro pasta, a bright and avorful bowl of pasta spiced with rosemary and garlic, mixed with roasted sweet tomatoes
SNACK: Pinkberry’s fruit cup, a swirl of frozen yogurt mixed with a variety of fruits, adding sweetness and color to the cup
DINNER: Cafe France’s pumpkin soup, A creamy and tasty pumpkin puree soup infused with fresh herbs with a side of garlic bread


Atkins diet

This diet is for the meat lovers and the muscle builders out there. Its main focus is eating food high in protein and keeping it low on carbs.

BREAKFAST: Italianni’s chicken and cranberry insalata, a hearty insalata made with romaine lettuce and arugula tossed in sesame dressing and topped with slices of grilled chicken
LUNCH: The Halal Guys’ chicken falafel, a colorful and hearty halal meal of chicken and falafel over rice and veggies
SNACK: Banapple’s oatmeal power cookie, a quick and tasty snack for a boost of energy
DINNER: Quizno’s chicken basil pesto, a delicious sandwich filled with chicken strips, tomatoes, mozzarella, and a basil pesto spread


Ketogenic diet

This diet is focused on consuming healthy fats, such as those in avocados, coconuts, Brazil nuts, seeds. Oily fish and olive oil are liberally added to the diet to maintain an overall emphasis on fat.

BREAKFAST: Bizu Patisserie and Café’s burrata with berries, a dish of fresh burrata and berries mixed with balsamic cream and basil drizzled in virgin olive oil
LUNCH: Amici’s penne alla primavera, a healthy and flavorful vegetarian feast of fresh tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, roasted bell peppers, broccoli, and black olives, tossed in olive oil
SNACK: Milkbox’ matcha and dark choco wonut,   a fusion of dark chocotale waffle and donut filled with matcha cream fit to satisfy your cravings
DINNER: Figaro’s lemon butter fish fillet, a healthy plate of dory fillet served with jasmine rice, drizzled in lemon butter sauce


Perhaps the most popular, if not the most common out of the four, this diet is pretty straightforward. You can only eat veggies, dairy, egg, and honey.

BREAKFAST: Abe’s paco fern and tomato salad, young rainforest fern with tomato in a light salad dressing
LUNCH: Soi’s eggplant in yellow beans and tofu, a savory medley of stir-fried eggplant in salted yellow beans and tofu
SNACK: FIC Summer Cafe’s sugar-free float, an ice-cold Coke Zero oat topped with sugar-free vanilla ice cream
DINNER: Soban’s doenjang chigae, a spicy and flavorful Korean delicacy of soybean stew that is low in fat and calories

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