Aug 29, 2017

Trees and infrastructure development don’t seem to go well together. Just this August, a petition to spare the Burnham Park from a planned construction of a parking space circulated on social media. In June, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez found the need for more infrastructure projects in Northern and Central Luzon that led him to say, “We have to sacrifice the trees and just plant more to replace them.” On a smaller scale, some homeowners opt to cut down trees to prevent damage to their homes.

However, nature and manmade developments can exist in harmony. The Kalaw branch of Jollibee proves that there is no need to cut trees or even relocate them just to give way for the construction of a building. The said Jollibee branch built around the tree labeled as Alagau Gubat or Premna nauseosa, a Philippine native tree found in low altitude forests of Luzon. Known for its medicinal properties, the tree has somewhat become a centerpiece of the said branch.

Photo courtesy of Bisikleta Pilipinas


Photo courtesy of Bisikleta Pilipinas

There are many ways to incorporate trees into a space.

Prune properly
Most homeowners are wary of growing trees because of unruly branches that collide with wires and even windows. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if trees are trimmed properly. This doesn’t only prevent hazards brought by monsoons, but it also promotes good health for the tree. There are specific pruning techniques to achieve results you desire.

Use root barriers
The common issue that puts off individuals from growing trees is the anxiety that the roots will eventually interfere with the structure. You can prevent this with the use of root barriers. These barriers can be installed around existing trees to redirect root growth and prevent roots from destroying the structure’s foundation. You can get professionals to install these barriers for you and to determine the right size as well.

Plant the right trees
According to artist and native flora enthusiast Ronald Achacoso, it is best to grow evergreen native trees in your backyard. Unlike deciduous trees, most evergreens don’t grow too big or need a longer period of time to do so. These trees include Katmon, Bantolinao, and Kamuning.

Header image courtesy of Unsplash

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