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All the DIY meal kits we loved (so far) if you want to cook but not prep

All the DIY meal kits we loved (so far) if you want to cook but not prep


Restaurants may have reopened their doors to diners, but it’s an undeniable fact that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Cooking is always fun, but preparing all the ingredients can be daunting. Delivery is always an option, but the quality just isn’t the same and rarely beats the taste of dining in. 

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If you want dine-in quality food without actually having to go anywhere, these places have ready to cook meal kits for you to prepare at home:


Food fiestas

Although Filipino food can always just be made at home, there’s just something irreplicable about Hapag, Sarsa and Balay Dako’s takes on our favorite flavors. Make your family proud by preparing their dishes at home (just make sure you share the credit):

Restaurant favorites

Fan-favorite restaurants like Max’s, Ooma and Sibyulee have made the most out of quarantine restrictions by making their signature dishes available in ready-to-cook formats:


DIY fast food

Yes, you can always get fast food delivered, but it’s a different feeling when you cook your go-to fast food orders yourself. Here are some options when the fast food cravings hit: 

Snacking options

If a snack is what you’re after, Bucky’s, Goto Monster and Pizza Express have you covered. You can get your merienda fix whipped up in almost no time and make a smaller mess along the way: 


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