Sep 5, 2017

The game show is a fixture in every TV network. While we sit across the TV, we hold our breaths, we laugh and maybe make fun of the contestant, and we guess answers along with them. It’s one of the most entertaining formats on TV. Aside from its entertainment value, game shows (quiz shows, in particular) are found to be educational as well.

Now that game shows have become seasonal (think Deal or No Deal), we look at five game shows we would love to watch again.

K! The 1 Million Peso Videoke Challenge

Filipinos are known for our musical inclinations. Before the rise of KTV bars and private karaoke rooms, there is already an abundance of karaoke machines lying around in carinderias, tricycle todas, and almost every single kanto. Whether you actually know how to sing or not, once the microphone is in your hand, you’re forced to sing.

In 2002, this habit turned into a game show called K! The 1 Million Peso Videoke Challenge (later renamed as All Star K!). Originally hosted by Arnell Ignacio, the show had the classic karaoke visuals. With a randomly chosen song by the jukebox, the players’ main objective was to give the missing word from the lyrics.

There is a recent attempt to resurrect the game show through All Star Videoke, but nothing beats the Arnell Ignacio-hosted or Allan K-and-Jaya-hosted versions.

Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?

Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba? is the pre-noontime show of the 2000s. The format of the game show is similar to Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, but it continuously evolved during its long run. There was a time when it became a hybrid of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? and Fear Factor, where the player still had to answer questions and at the same time, do a bizarre challenge.

After Kris Aquino, Edu Manzano became the host while the show continued to evolve. While Game Ka Na Ba? left behind the challenge portion, the Q and A portion developed various strategies the players can use to beat their competitors. The “atras” move will make a player step backward, while “manigas ka” move will hinder a player from answering the next question.

Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba? is one of the best game shows we ever saw on Philippine TV. The show has various incarnations, but the Kris Aquino-hosted editions will always be the best (because she makes everything worth watching).

May Trabaho Ka!

Before GMA News TV, GMA ran QTV 11. The channel aired various shows ranging from public affairs to dramas to game shows. One of the notable and meaningful shows QTV 11 produced is a show called May Trabaho Ka!—it’s more of a reality show rather than a game show.

Most game shows networks produced then had huge monetary prizes, but May Trabaho Ka! reimagined entertainment and job-hunting. The show gathered aspirants who were interested in a certain jobj—May Trabaho Ka! searched for a zookeeper, a dance instructor, and even a showbiz correspondent. Much like artista search shows, they would undergo various challenges until the most deserving aspirant remains.

As the proverb goes, “Give a man a fish and you only feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Extra Challenge

Extra Challenge is somewhat a hybrid of Fear Factor and Amazing Race As the name suggests, the game show subjects its players to various challenges that vary every episode. For example, their Promdi episode featured Jasmine Trias, Donita Rose, and Ruffa Guttierez performing farm tasks.

Battle of the Brains

Quiz shows have always been part of Philippine TV. It’s the basic format that is revived every now and then. However, Battle of the Brains is the real deal.

Adapted from a U.S. quiz show, it gathers students from various schools. The difficulty of the questions varies depending on the grade level of the contestants. Although there are many other quiz shows aired on Philippine TV (we rarely see them now, though), Battle of the Brains actually raised the bar for other shows.

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