Treat yourself to this burger with edible gold right now

Look for GILT Burger, a gold mine on Guijo St. in Makati


GILT Burger is the newest burger joint in San Antonio Village in Makati and it has decided that the neighborhood, particularly Guijo St., is ready for a literal gilt burger.

“We just want to make a very crazy luxurious burger and create an ultimate burger experience in the Philippines,” says Gian Reyes, half of the founding team of the joint and the one who’s responsible for this amusing burger variant. “It’s really ridiculous, but a very good [kind of] ridiculous,” adds Alexa Arce, Reyes’ and the team’s second half.

nolisoli eats restaurant gilt burger
This “Ridiculously Luxurious Treat” has brie cheese slices, truffle mayo with caviar, red onion caramelized in red wine, quail egg, and most importantly, 200 g. New Zealand Angus beef with Colby-jack cheese in the middle.

The signature GILT Burger has a 24K edible gold film on its crusty yet soft, sweet brioche bun. Talk about luxury even we’re still on its surface yet. But this burger is not just your another physically attractive treat. Bite into its thickness and you’ll be greeted by extravagant layers of textures and bursts of flavors—quail eggs, red onion caramelized in pinot noir, brie cheese slices, truffle mayo sprinkled with black caviar, and bacon jam all resting in the comforting and delectable presence of 200 g. New Zealand Angus beef with gooey Colby-jack cheese in the middle of the patty.

If that looks overwhelming, well, that’s because it is. The other burgers on this joint in front of Saguijo Cafe + Bar set the bar high, too.

nolisoli eats restaurant gilt burger
It took us a while to eat our burgers, but when I still took a bite of this Mi Goreng burger, the crispiness of the noodles enveloping the chicken is still there. The fried egg on top and Sriracha sauce complementing Mi Goreng made the experience better.
This is The Convict burger. The chicken is marinated for 24 hours in peri-peri sauce, breaded it, and then deep-fried. It’s served with, still, peri-peri sauce and pineapple to offset the spiciness a bit.

The couple incorporates their experiences in growing up into their burgers. It’s apparent in Mi Goreng burger, a homage to Reyes’ living on Indonesian noodles for a month (like our Lucky Me! Pancit Canton for petsa de peligro) after moving out from his home in Australia. They coat their chicken thigh fillet in Mi Goreng noodles with sauce made out of the noodles’ packet, top it with fried egg and Sriracha sauce. This brittly flavorful, mildly spicy variant is a personal favorite.

Another Australian experience-inspired burger is The Convict. It has chicken thigh fillet coated in hot Peri-peri sauce. It’s kind of adjusted for the Filipino palate as they’ve added pineapples to balance the flavor. And just because Reyes likes to combine flavors.

nolisoli eats restaurant gilt burger
All of their burgers can be revamped into fries form. This plateful of deep-fried potatoes is Drunken Umami Gilty Fries and it’s good for two to three people.

Not in the mood for a regular bun and patty combo but still fancy that burger kick? GILT has kind of foreseen that need as they allow their burgers to be transformed into fries form and made shareable.

Try their Drunken Umami Gilty Fries, hand-cut fries showered in gooey beer cheese sauce (made in-house with cheddar cheese and Brew Kettle beer). It’s added with katsuobushi, dried smoked tuna, for the umami flavor, and bacon jam with rum and honey because one flavor isn’t enough to kick this comfort treat up a notch. Of course, it’s covered with 150 g. Angus beef. You’ll only need to add P50 to have your burgers turned into Gilty Fries.

nolisoli eats restaurant gilt burger
The O.G. is your classic cheeseburger which the best parts are doubled—double Angus beef patty smothered in double American cheese. It’s extra savory with their house ‘Saucy sauce.’
nolisoli eats restaurant gilt burger
“Some call our onion rings, ‘onion bangles,’” shares Reyes. This is because these beer-battered onion slices are bigger than what your other restaurants usually serve.
nolisoli eats restaurant gilt burger
For your dose of fiery meat but with a bit of sweetness, try their honey sriracha wings garnished with cilantro and sesame seeds.

“This is us,” shares the couple and followed it with a laugh. They’ve thought of the concept and jumped in just this year. But at the back of their heads, they’ve always wanted to have their own food place that reflects their personalities.

GILT is still planning to expand its eclectic menu, so watch out for new kinds of burgers like dragon fruit burger, maybe? (No, really. They’ve been toying with the idea for a while now.)


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