Oct 18, 2017

Do pineapples go on pizza or not? It’s one of the questions that’s got the internet decidedly split in two. Friendships ended, families divided, nations were disbanded. The waters have calmed now, with only small ripples every once in a while thanks to a random meme or tweet or Facebook status.  But debates about food don’t begin and end with fruit on a pizza slice. Here are the other polarizing food debates that the internet could go crazy about again (and the votes of the people in our office).  

Brownies: Fudgy vs. Cakey
Fudgy 8 | Cakey 2

Everybody enjoys a good slice of brownie, but people tend to disagree on how dense they want their brownie to be. Many like a thick, fudgy brownie, while others like a moist, cakey slice instead.


Pan de Sal: Crusty vs. Underbaked
Crusty: 6 | Underbaked: 4

Some like their hot pandesal in the morning with a bit of a crunch, while others prefer the soft, dough-y goodness of this Filipino breakfast staple. How do you like yours?


Steak: Medium rare vs. Well done
Medium rare: 5 | Well done: 5

There are those who say that steak should only be served rare or medium rare. Ordering it well done is a waste of a good piece of meat. We here at Nolisoli say, to each their own.


Rice: Malabsa vs. May tutong
Malabsa: 7 | May Tutong: 3

Some like their rice perfectly cooked, but others lean more towards one end or the other. Do you prefer your kanin sticky and a little undercooked or a little burnt at the bottom?


Pizza: Hot (fresh off the oven) vs. Cold (leftovers)
Hot: 8 | Cold: 2

There’s nothing like a good, warm slice of pizza, regardless if that’s from Shakey’s or somewhere like Gino’s. But, there’s also something about a cold leftover pizza slice from your fridge that just completes the experience of a laid-back, relaxing day at home.


Peanut butter: Creamy vs. Chunky
Creamy: 5 | Crunchy: 5

One of the classic spreads, peanut butter is something that most kids love up until adulthood. While others enjoy the texture and the bite of a crunchy peanut butter, most (I would believe) prefer the simple and rich flavor of a creamy peanut butter instead. What’s your take on it?


Cereals (which goes on the bowl first): Milk first vs. Cereal first
Milk first: 1 | Cereals: 9

When I asked that one person in our office why milk first, this was his logic: so there’s already a base when the cereals drop, and more milk gets absorbed. Sound logic? What do you think?


Pichi pichi: Cheese on top vs. Coconut on top
Cheese: 9 | Coconut: 1

Honestly, pichi pichi is good either way. The coconut adds texture to it, but the cheese does add creaminess and some more flavor. Thoughts?


Tacos: Hard shell vs. Soft shell
Hard: 6 | Soft: 4

From what I gather, people like the hard shell because it’s more fun to eat and it’s what the mainstream media has made them believe taco to be. Meanwhile, those who prefer soft shell just enjoy eating a good meaty Mexican meal minus the mess.


White chocolate: Yes or No
Yes: 4 | No: 6

Personally, this one’s a no for me. I would always argue that white chocolate isn’t even chocolate. However, many people out there do enjoy this flavor, especially added in matcha or as chocolate chips in a cookie with cranberries.

So that’s everything. Which side are you on in each of these topics? Know of other, maybe more polarizing debates than this? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash.com, Msita.com, Twitter.com, TheMayaKitchen.com and pixabay.com


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