La Spezia’s revamped menu can silence the loudest of tables with pure, flavorful delight

The vongole and the scallop pasta alone are enough of a reason to pay the Quezon City Italian restaurant a visit

2022 in dining: Restaurants that have a place in our hearts (and stomachs)

While the title of “best” is subjective, these restaurants have definitely earned their place on our best restaurants of 2022 list

Taco Mata Soho header nolisoliph
No budget for fancy steak? This P240 taco can do the trick

Taco Mata’s latest offering is a homage to the fancy New York steakhouse experience—at just a fraction of the cost

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At Atilla Meat Bar, you can never have enough steak

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At George Town Super Steak, cooking the perfect meat is all up to you

This steakhouse’s dishes are consistently smoky and juicy, thanks to a cooking method from Spain

You can eat this burger at The Grid or take home a kit and make it yourself

One of the defining characteristic of upscale food court The Grid at the Power Plant…

Classified Kitchen is a top-secret haunt for Tomas Morato locals

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This deli restaurant allows you to turo-turo the Italian way

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