Dec 7, 2017

Food is integral to any events, be it as big as an annual family reunion or a simple get-together of friends. Gatherings equate to free-flowing food. And free-flowing food equates to hours of preparation and transportation from one house to the venue.

Food items aren’t going to drive themselves, so they’re riding with you in your car. Stuffed in pieces of Tupperware and food containers that promise durability and non-sloppiness, they still somehow find a way to spill over (maybe you couldn’t resist the urge to take a pinch from a savory lechon bathed in gravy, which is understandable). When transporting your contribution to the potluck or just simply eating your drive thru meals, sometimes we just have to accept that food spills are part of the package.

And if you find your car upholstery with food stains, try the following tips from The Kitchn first before going to a pricey car cleaning service.

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Act fast and blot

Clean the spill as fast as you can so that it doesn’t have time to set. If you’re the driver, make sure to park first to avoid unnecessary accidents. Remove any larger pieces of food with your hands or paper towels, then use paper towels to blot spills. If needed, change towels as soon as they get saturated. Repeat until you’ve picked up as much of the food as possible.

Make your cleaning solution

If you don’t want to buy a dedicated upholstery cleaner for fabric or leather interiors, you can make a 50/50 mixture of liquid dish soap and water.

Scrub with a brush

Dampen the brush (you can recycle an old toothbrush) with the mixture and scrub the stain. Don’t soak the stain to avoid creating water marks.

nolisoli clean food spills car
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Follow it with a microfiber cloth

This method is for rinsing off the cleanser. Moisten a microfiber cloth with clean water and scrub the spoiled upholstery. Repeat as necessary.

Dry the spot

If you have a handy hair dryer, use it to dry the area. Don’t hold it too close to the upholstery, and maintain its low setting to avoid blistering. However, if you don’t have a dryer, leave the window open and leave it to dry.

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