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Are you aware of your rights as a consumer?

Are you aware of your rights as a consumer?

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Our country upholds a constitution because it maintains order in the society and protects the citizens with rights that some people fought for written in black and white.

With this knowledge in their mind, I don’t understand why some people willingly ignore this supreme rule book. People in government offices do it, even justices at the Supreme Court. In this political climate, it’s hard to dismiss that partisanship plays a role.

Ranting aside, do you know that we have eight basic consumer rights under the constitution? Republic Act No. 7394 or The Consumer Act of the Philippines “is the policy of the State to protect the interests of the consumer, promote his general welfare and to establish standards of conduct for business and industry.”

Get to know the rights here:

1. Right to basic needs

This guarantees survival, adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, and sanitation to everyone. Basic and prime commodities at affordable prices and good quality will also be available.

2. Right to safety

This protects consumers against marketing of hazardous goods and services.

3. Right to information

This protects consumers against dishonest or misleading advertising or labeling. It also provides the right of facts and information to help the consumers make an informed choice.

4. Right to choose

This is the consumers’ right to choose from various products at competitive prices with an assurance of good quality.

5. Right to representation

This provides the consumer with the right to input consumer interest or concern in governmental policies.

6. Right to redress

This provides the consumers with the right to compensate for misrepresentation of poor quality goods or unsatisfactory services.

7. Right to consumer education

This is the consumers’ right to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to be an informed customer.

8. Right to a healthy environment

This is the consumers’ right to live and work in an environment that is neither dangerous nor threatening to promote well-being.


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