Feb 20, 2018

If you’re the typical overworked employee with a never-ending list of tasks to finish, then you know how hard it is to find time to do anything unrelated to work. With the internet and social media in the equation, everything is always urgent. Whatsapp, Viber, and other apps of the same nature have you under your boss’ beck and call 24/7.

A minute to spare has become a minute so rare.

It becomes a struggle to buy time to cook a healthy meal, partake in some ritualistic skincare routine, or spend time with your loved ones. Here are some ways to make the most of what little time you can steal in your hectic schedule, something to help you have some semblance of work-life balance.


One minute facemask

Skincare these days are as holy as the trinity. But, the ones you see recommended in those YouTube channels tend to be as elaborate as an IKEA instruction manual. Here’s a quick and easy facemask that’ll give you better results using animal-cruelty free products that you can buy from your local supermarket.


Flourless pancakes

Everybody loves pancakes, but these fluffy, floppy edible discs are neither healthy nor easy to make. Even the pre-packaged mixes tend to create a mess because of all the flour. Here’s a two-ingredient, flourless banana pancake recipe that’ll give you a healthy pancake snack (or breakfast meal) in under a minute.


Spruce up your gift

Nothing beats quality time with the family. But, if quality time is simply not a possibility, giving them gifts with some extra effort on the wrapping is a good consolation. It shows them that you still think of them during your breaks in the day. You can achieve this extra effort through some loose sprigs and glue sticks. Check out the video above to see how.


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