Apr 4, 2018

If you don’t think about the blistering heat, summer is essentially the easiest season to chill and relax. The temperature is just right—perfect for beach trips and getting the right tan.

I remember during summer break, I have a list of summer movies I’d like to binge on after doing the day’s chores. It was a great motivation to finish my tasks because I know I’ll be rewarded with my favorite films of all time. According to journalist and media theorist Steven Johnson, whenever we binge watch, we enter a “flow experience.” Flow is the pleasurable feeling of being completely immersed in a storyline. Since we’re in a flow state of mind, we focus on following the story, losing our sense of time.

But enough science. Here are a few of our favorite summertime flicks that we don’t mind watching a hundred times over. Included in this list are a mix of drama, romance, coming of age, horror, and animated films (because why not?).

Forrest Gump

Gone with the Wind

The Parent Trap

The Way Way Back



Treasure Planet


Howl’s Moving Castle

The Lion King

Do you have any go-to summer films you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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