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Are you guilty of these bad skincare habits?

Are you guilty of these bad skincare habits?


You might know by now that taking care of your skin entails not only using the right products, but also the right routine. But there might still be some things you’ve missed.

These skincare habits go beyond the time you spend in front of the mirror. Make sure you don’t overlook these:

Showering after a workout

nolisoli beauty skincare bad habitsIt’s always better when bacteria has shorter time to sit on your skin. Make sure that you wash immediately after sweating it out in the gym or field—especially the areas of skin that touched the exercise equipment and areas prone to breakouts, such as your back.

In case showering immediately isn’t possible, just be sure to change out of your workout clothes and wipe yourself down with cleansing wipes or a wet small towel.

Applying sunscreen sufficiently and frequently

nolisoli beauty summer skincareThere might be a misconception that using sunscreen with a high SPF means you can apply less or less frequently. Really, you can never put on too much sunscreen, so make sure your skin is protected from harmful sun rays all day, every day.

Showering at night

nolisoli beauty skincare bad habitsNow this might not be such a big problem. After all, we Filipinos love taking baths. But just in case, don’t forget the importance of taking a bath at night, too.

It’s not just about feeling refreshed. A shower at night also rids your body of bacteria and dirt, which in turn will help keep your sheets clean. If you sleep without showering, the dirt, oil, and other pollutants that have accumulated on your skin over the day can get transferred onto your bedding.


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