Nov 21, 2018

Almost two decades after they’ve disbanded, Eraserheads’ music can still be heard on the airwaves, played by faithful fans and OPM-lovers alike, and channeled in recent times with a musical.

The enduring appeal of their music can somewhat be traced back to the beginnings of the band: from two college bands who formed one group who broke into the mainstream from the underground scene to eventually finding themselves at the top of local hit charts.

But before all that, the band struggled to get record labels on board with their demo called Pop-U recorded in 1991. It would take them another year to be signed with BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc. (now part of Sony BMG Music Entertainment), who would release their debut album entitled Ultraelectromagneticpop! in 1993.

The album is now considered to be one of the most iconic OPM albums which ushered in the ’90s rock revolution in the country. Twenty-five years later, Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia himself confirmed that their 12-track debut album is getting remastered by no less than Bernie Grundman, an American audio engineer known for his mastering work with some of the best artists in the music industry: Dr. Dre, Prince, and Michael Jackson, to name a few.

The remastered album containing some of the band’s well-known songs such as “Ligaya,” “Toyang,” and “Pare Ko” will be made available and released on music streaming platform, Spotify, on Nov. 23. It also comes with a revamped cover art paying homage to the original one depicting the members Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro, and Raimund Marasigan all decked out in sneakers.

In the meanwhile, listen to the original tracks while waiting for its Friday release.


Header photo courtesy of Offshore Music

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