Nov 24, 2017

We all have that particular song that overwhelms us—be it in a good or bad way, consciously or not.

Mine is Unang Hirit’s (yes, that morning TV show on GMA 7) opening billboard song. The unmistakable first few notes of that tune remind me of lazy early mornings when I was still in grade school, breakfast cereals, and the urge to reach for the remote control because no seven-year-old would willingly watch the news when there’s Cartoon Network.

I don’t hear that song very often that’s why when I do, staggering feelings still surge. It doesn’t even have poetic lyrics and artistic arrangement!

Music has that crazy euphoric power that triggers memories. And what’s crazier is it moves people of different cultures and continents—a universal phenomenon. This is just how our brains are wired when it comes to music evoking nostalgia.

And since we’re on our way down that route, here are some old tunes that might make you feel young again.


Station IDs of ABS-CBN 2, PTV 4, GMA 7, RPN 9, and IBC 13 in 1989.

You don’t listen to these songs deliberately. As they’re ubiquitous, they just sneak into your head, uninvited, but aren’t rejected either.


Student Canteen

Originally a radio program, noontime variety show Student Canteen was brought to television during the late ’50s on ABS-CBN. Several years after it was brought to television, the show ended. It was later revived in the ’70s but this time on GMA 7.


Nora Aunor

This Colgate TV commercial featuring the Superstar was filmed in 1972, back when they still call toothpaste “dental cream.”


Ang Inyong Tiya Dely

Dubbed as the “First Lady of Philippine Radio,” Fidela Magpayo-Reyes also known as Tiya Dely is a radio icon of counseling programs on the radio, taking her maiden surname to the next level. She began her first program that gives out pieces of advice on DZRH in 1953.


“Pasalubong” Jollibee TV ad

This is probably the mother of all tear-jerking Jollibee ads we have now. Do you miss Jennifer, too?

Do you have anything else in mind?


Header image screengrabbed from YouTube

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