Jun 25, 2019

You have chosen your gym shoes, clothes, and bag, and set your workout tracking app. The only thing missing is a refreshing drink you’ll be bringing along with you to keep you active and hydrated all day. But you haven’t decided: is it the caffeinated energy drink or just water? The answer is neither.

Doses of caffeine and sugar might give you the jolt of energy you need for a workout, but these aren’t really much recommended for those opting for a healthy and active lifestyle.

While caffeinated energy drinks are good for activating our central nervous system and boosting our body physically and mentally, it also poses harmful effects, such as insomnia and high blood pressure. 

Photo by Andrii Podilnyk / Unsplash

With this in mind, it’s easy to just resort to using water as a workout companion—and there’s nothing wrong with that. Water is great in properly hydrating the body, but research shows that it’s a bit slow in replenishing what you lose from sweating when you workout. This isn’t a problem though, given that nowadays, if there are flavored waters, there are also instantly hydrating ones, like G Active.

A new sugar-free flavored electrolyte-enhanced drink, G Active is similar to water, but able to produce better results. Its composition allows it to restore the sweat we lose—which by the way is more than 5 liters in an average day of working out—twice faster.

This is because the drink has electrolytes, which means it’s charged with minerals like sodium and potassium that can quickly hydrate your body. These minerals also play a vital role when you’re doing physical activities, regulating your blood pressure and helping your muscles—heart included—contract.

Aside from that, G Active also happens to be calorie-free and keto-friendly.

Even if infused with lemon lime, orange, and berry flavors, the drink remains free of sugar that you’re sure to remain in ketosis while energized enough to lift weights and do laps. The flavors, with its zesty and refreshing finishes, are just a bonus.

Grab this electrolyte-water drink from supermarkets and convenience stores and make sure to stash it in your workout bag on your next workout.


Header image courtesy of Unsplash

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