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Local farmers, your favorite IG food brands, and more at this year’s McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2019

Local farmers, your favorite IG food brands, and more at this year’s McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2019

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It’s amazing what you can buy online these days. From clothes to shoes to gadgets, the e-commerce scene has also bled into food. Just check your Instagram and you’re sure to find a couple of emerging online “kitchens” and “restaurants” by home-based cooks.

Despite the pervasiveness of social media though, food is still always best shared in the flesh. That’s why a lot of these online food entrepreneurs join pop-ups and bazaars. But although avenues like bazaars are available, not all of them can cater to a wide variety of food brands, especially those with niche or specialty offerings.

Knowing and having the complete experience of food and everything that comes with it—from ingredients to spices, and even to the people who produce them—makes a dish even more worthwhile. It’s because of this that McCormick’s signature event, the Flavor Nation Festival has always been positioned to illustrate the complementing relationship and relevance of flavors, through herbs, spices, seasonings, and agemono fry sets and dips, to the actual dishes and ingredients. The Flavor Nation Festival also considers the home cooks and emerging brands that masterfully create dishes by helping to provide them with a space where they can better reach their market and improve their culinary craft.

On Sunday, Jun. 9, meet the chefs and farmers behind your favorite dishes, as we’ve invited 19 food brands such as Herbivora, Charlie & Angus Home Kitchen, Down to Earth, The Good Choices, Jack’s Produce, Saffron Plates, China Mommy, Takoyakimoto, Katsu House, El Chapo’s, Xander’s Ground and Pound, Olympia’s Gourmet, Food Source, In A Nutshell Food Co., Just Go Low Carb, Tipsy Cream, Au-some Signature Desserts, Lick Iced Tea, Lemoon, and two farms—Session Groceries and Hineleban Farms . Aside from sampling and buying directly from them—now without the limitations of the digital space, as you can see and try the products immediately without waiting for deliveries and order queues—you’ll also be able to help out Missionaries of the Poor, as a percentage of proceeds will go to them.

You can also learn how you can add flavorful twists to your favorite dishes better and easier through our cooking demos with Xandra Rocha (check out our own food series with Xandra here) and McCormick’s chef Tenten Casasola, Sabrina Artadi, Bento Mommas Kaye Catral and Monet Ongpin-Aquino, and Holy Carabao’s Hindy Weber Tantoco. The demos will show how these cooks elevate their dishes through special ingredients.

Of course, the Flavor Nation Festival can’t go without the McCormick Avenue, where a variety of products will be made available. A smoothie bar, where you can get some sweet cold treats for free, will also be set up if you need a refreshing drink to cool you down in the afternoon.

Join us at the Bonifacio High Street Central Amphitheater from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. as we discover more flavors and get to know our local food producers. For more information, check out the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2019 event page.

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