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You can now eat PAL’s famous arroz caldo at home

You can now eat PAL’s famous arroz caldo at home

  • The Philippine Airlines Cafe is making their inflight dishes available for delivery
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We’ve been in quarantine for a year, it’s March AKA travel season, and yet we still can’t go on our long-awaited, long-yearned for trips in good conscience. While we’ve found some virtual ways to cope, some travel experiences we just can’t leave to the imagination—like eating.

And what’s one iconic food experience we have while traveling (aside from enjoying our destination’s cuisine)? Having that bowl of arroz caldo warm your tummy before that early flight out. You know which arroz caldo we’re talking about: Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) famous arroz caldo, a complimentary dish at every PAL Mabuhay Lounge. 

Just two days ago, the Philippine Airlines Cafe on Instagram (@flypalcafe) posted that the Filipino staple is now available for delivery. Aside from the porridge, toppings and condiments the DIY arroz caldo kit comes with limited edition wooden bowls and utensils. Each kit is good for at least two people.

The DIY kit sells for P690 and can be ordered through PAL Cafe’s Instagram. But you know, if your order doesn’t make it to the cutoff, you can always DIY your own arroz caldo. From scratch. At home. Check out some recipes we recommend below. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.