Jul 24, 2019

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but home design seems to be the next big enterprise. Not that I’m saying it hasn’t been for years, but recent designer venture into home decor proves that there is a new booming market for domestic design.

Take for example luxury house Gucci’s 2017 decision to develop a sub-brand called Gucci Décor, “an eclectic collection of items with which customers can dress their own spaces.”

Interior design giants are also paving the way for artist collaborations—think Virgil Abloh (though some might disagree) for Ikea—acknowledging this possibility early on.


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I’m very happy to announce that a selection of my designs are now available as wallpaper, exclusively at Tecnografica, based in Italy. Thank you @marcoruspafontana @stelamberti @chsgreta @silviaiba and everyone else at the wonderful team of Tecnografica! Orders & inquiries — [email protected] — Repost from @tecnograficaofficial: — Through her eyes, even an ordinary leaf can turn into a real goldmine of details. Here is Feanne, the new entry among the artists that enrich our Art Collections. Let Feanne’s incredible ink illustrations enchant you through wild lands and deep seas… Now on www.tecnografica.net. • Wallpaper: “Tropical Foliage” Designed by: @feanne Collection: Art Collections • #wallpaper #cartadaparati #design #architecture #interiordesign #designer #homedecor #interiors #wall #madeinitaly #floralwallpaper #animalwallpaper #jungle #forest #junglewallpaper #cartadaparatifloreale #animali #leaves #nature #cartadaparatianimali #junglestyle #illustration #handmade #handpainted #illustrazione #disegnatoamano #Feanne #feanneart #jungalow #jungalowstyle

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But it’s not just the big shots that are being called in to rethink our homes. Interestingly, independent artists are fueling these collaborative efforts by brands. And you don’t have to look far. Filipina artist Feanne, who’s known for her nature-inspired illustrations translated into wearables like scarves and dresses, has recently partnered with Italian wall coverings brand Tecnografica to bring her creations to the comfort of homes.

Part of the brand’s Art Collections line, Feanne designed six wallpapers each depicting a different ecosystem that calls to mind our very own flora and fauna.

There’s a wallpaper design called sabong which prominently figure gamecocks behind a solid cream background. It is also available in other color variants such as black, red, and grey. According to Tecnografica’s catalog, the size of its graphics is completely customizable, following the specific characteristics of your own project.

Another design features the Visayan leopard cat of Panay, which has been listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List in 2008.

All the designs are available for order at Tecnografica’s website. You can also try it out on your wall before purchasing through the website’s photo upload facilities, which lays out the wallpaper of your choice to see it suits your environment.


Photos courtesy of Tecnografica

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