Aug 28, 2019

Local merchants and entrepreneur-participants from Pasig are having a week-long trade fair until Sept. 1 at the Activity Center of Ayala Malls The 30th. Referred to as “Neighborgoods,” homegrown products such as handcrafted items and homemade goods are showcased in support of the rising small business enterprises in Pasig. 

willy bee, kalamansi and dalandan extract, homemade product pasig
Willy Bee’s kalamansi and dalandan extract with honey
happy organics, reusable pantyliners, pasig handcrafted products
Happy Organics eco-friendly items

Some of these local sellers are from the Pasig Livelihood Training Center, a livelihood foundation which gives a learning avenue for Pasig residents to make homemade delicacies and craft materials. These products can, later on, be sold to the community. Existing small-medium enterprises are also welcome to the fair. 

Kilus Foundation bags
Kilus Foundation bags out of recycled juice packs
annseymada, bread, homegrown pasig products
Annseymada bread by Pasig livelihood

In an effort to make the community bazaar sustainable to both merchants and customers, Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto said the event will not run short-term. For every quarter of the year, business enterprises will have a one-week bazaar where various merchants can have their spot in the fair, as long as they are from Pasig. 

neighborgoods event, pasig city, mayor vico sotto
The ribbon-cutting event led by Pasig City mayor Vico Sotto

“Our goal here is not just to help people in the short term. Our goal is to empower people to help themselves and to have better lives. Tuloy-tuloy naman ang suporta natin para sa mga maliliit na negosyante and again in the coming months, we will even ramp this up […],” Sotto said.

homegrown products, pasig
Happy Organics body and face essentials
homegrown products, pasig
Happy Organics reusable pantyliner

Visitors and customers can look into the various craft and delicacies made by Pasig residents in the fair until Sept. 1. Some of the small businesses included in the bazaar are Happy Organics, C Fragrance, Aging’s Suman, Willy Bee, Pasig Livelihood Pastries, and many more.





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