Nov 5, 2019

In anticipation of the heightened number of people and vehicles experienced during the holiday season, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) ordered shopping malls to reschedule their opening hours to 11 a.m. effective starting Nov. 11. 

The policy is intended for all the malls across Metro Manila, but so far, it is most requested in establishments along EDSA due to its unwavering heavy traffic. 

Aside from late opening hours, mall operators were also advised not to have sales during the weekdays and to avoid “colorum” vehicles from taking shelter in their parking lots. 

MMDA also requested more security personnel around the establishments to help in the continuous flow of traffic. 

But according to MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia, mall operators may still continue with their regular hours during the weekend. 

In an interview with Inquirer, Garcia said that the advisory is enforced until Jan. 10, 2020.


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