May 12, 2020

If you’ve tried cooking at least once in your life and somehow messed up, you’ve probably sworn never to go near the kitchen again. You settled with watching cooking tutorials instead of actually cooking. But with the lockdown still in effect, going back to the kitchen seems like a good idea all of a sudden. 

But this sudden determination isn’t enough. To make sure you don’t burn the house down, you can seek help from these international chefs offering their culinary lessons for free.

Chetna Makan

After her appearance in “The Great British Bake Off” in 2014, Chetna Makan took her chef skills online. She has tutorials on vegetarian food, desserts and gluten-free recipes, among others. She has also recently released a cooking series called “Cook with Me” which is centered on making meals out of ingredients available in your cupboard and encouraging people who can’t cook to try.

José Andrés

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breakfast competition between blowtorch eggs (mine!) and scrambled eggs (Carlota’s!!) And that’s why we dedicate to every single person person in America that works with chickens to produce eggs for us as we sing to my brother @pharrell because I’m happy…😁😁😁!!! Also a shoutout to my friend @marcanthony @SOMOSCare who is partnering with @wckitchen to help in Washington Heights NYC, Good job amigo! Okay so for this one is easy, you can choose to make it in the boring traditional way (but Carlota does a very good job!), OR, you can be a cool millennial like me and use the blowtorch! 🔥 Just need some eggs & salt, butter & oil and cook with the torch! Once it’s done you add a special touch from my hometown, delicious Cabrales (viva los quesos de asturias!!!) Add some herbs from 🙏 @aithor_zabala and enjoy your breakfast! This my friends is blowtorch eggs BOOM!!!!

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Besides leading the World Central Kitchen (a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to provide meals for people affected by natural disasters), celebrity chef José Andrés also launched his own IGTV cooking series called #RecipesForThePeople. It features easy-to-follow recipes that require simple ingredients and short preparation time.

Christina Tosi

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recipe is at

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The award-winning pastry chef and founder of Milk Bar has released #BakingClub series on IGTV for people who want to try their hand in baking. Christina Tosi posts the ingredients you need a night before the next live show so you can bake with her real-time. As of writing, the series is already on its 49th episode.

Massimo Bottura

If you’re into Italian cuisine, you can tune in to chef Massimo Bottura’s Kitchen Quarantine on IGTV. From pasta to pizza, Bottura walks you through all of the recipes. He also entertains questions from the viewers during the live lessons—all for free. His MasterClasses usually cost around £78 (that’s almost P5,000).

You can also check out Mic and Bon Appetit on YouTube as they feature chefs on their respective quarantine cooking series.


Header photo courtesy of Icons8 Team on Unsplash

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