May 29, 2020

Netflix has been my best friend since quarantine started and I bet I am friends with many of you by mere association to this streaming service, too. It’s helped us through boredom and when we needed an activity for family nights—so, it’s no surprise if we’ve finished our to-watch list by this time amid quarantine. 

As May comes to an end, new films will premiere on Netflix Philippines this June—even better, five of them are from local directors. Here are some films you should watch out for next month.


Pinoy Sunday

“Pinoy Sunday” directed by Widing Ho focuses on the lives of two Filipino immigrants, Manuel and Dado, in Taipei on their day off from work. The story unravels after they find a discarded red couch on the street.

Release date: Jun. 5


For horror movie marathon nights, add Carlo Ledesma’s “Sunod” to your list. Olivia (Carmina Villaruel), a persevering mother, takes on a demanding call center job after her daughter’s medical expenses pile up. At night, the building of her new job reveals eerie secrets.

Release date: Jun. 15


Lola Igna

2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino Best Picture “Lola Igna” tells the story of Igna (Angie Ferro), an elderly woman who wants to get life over with. She is pestered by her family and neighbors who believe she can be the oldest grandmother in the world. All the while, her grandson, Tim (Yves Flores) is dedicated to vlogging her life.

Release date: Jun. 18



Directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, “Untrue” is a love story between Georgia (Christine Reyes) who moves to Georgia and meets Joachim (Xian Lim). As the two begin their romance, Joachim’s secret of hearing peculiar sounds and seeing visions of a woman begin to unravel.

Release date: Jun. 22


Pamilya Ordinaryo

“Pamilya Ordinaryo,” which won Best Film at the 12th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, tells the story of a teenage couple who makes a living out of pickpocketing. When their one-month old baby is kidnapped, they resort to more desperate measures.

Release date: TBA

A Whisker Away

This fantasy animation directed by Junichi Satô, who worked on television series Sailor Moon, and Tomotaka Shibayama centers on Miyo (Mirai Shida) who falls in love with her classmate Kento (Natsuki Hanae). To get his attention, she transforms herself into a cat. 

Release date: Jun. 18



Header photo courtesy of freestocks on Unsplash

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