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What to do with ayuda canned goods? Make cheesy corned beef muffins

What to do with ayuda canned goods? Make cheesy corned beef muffins


Do you realize that by next week, we’ve already been in quarantine for five months? Yes, the only way I knew this was by the number of untouched de latas we have in the pantry, some from our early grocery shopping frenzies while others were from our butihing barangay that one and only time they gave us relief goods and cash.

Luckily, these canned goods won’t go bad for another two years. Occasionally, we’d eat canned tuna here and corned beef there just to stave off monotonous meals. I am guessing this is the same thing most of us are experiencing now living with de latas from local government ayuda.

These sometimes ready-to-eat or -cook canned meals are gems too because they are often very versatile and can be cooked in many ways or incorporated into other dishes.

Speaking of gems, jeweler Janina Dizon has a recipe for corned beef for when you’re tired of the same guisado. It involves very few ingredients and ones that you usually have in your pantry: eggs, cheese and greens.

Janina’s recipe isn’t that specific either. You can use any kind of cheese and greens you wish to add. In her case, she opted for spinach but any leafy greens would do just to cut the richness of the cheese and beef. 

You won’t need to season your mixture either because as Janina pointed out, most commercially available canned corned beefs are already seasoned.

Just mix the greens with the corned beef, scoop it on a greased muffin pan, layer with cheese and pour the beaten eggs over each slot evenly. Bake it in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes and voilà! You have a savory muffin you can eat for breakfast or any time of the day really while making the most of your ayuda haul.


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